Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two Letters - June 8th and 15th

June 8th and 15th, 2012

Letter to family/friends:

This week was a great week!  Our "investigator" Josue was being very stubborn and not wanting to change his life.  We had a lesson with him where the Spirit was so strong!  I could feel the Spirit in my heart telling me to say this and that, we truly were messengers of the Spirit that day and allowed the Spirit to teach to his needs and the things in his heart.  During the lesson I was prompted to commit him to pray to know the truth as well as be baptized into the church and he accepted.  I did it without fear or doubt, the Spirit was so strong and told me what I need to do! He gave the closing prayer and the Spirit was ever stronger.  Elder Valdez asked, "How do you feel?''  And Josue said, "I feel a burning in my heart."  I proceeded to tell him that was the Holy Ghost. Since then he has been progressing well.  I was an amazing experience!  I want to go to the field even more now!

For the Tuesday devotional Elder Marlin K. Jensen spoke!  He shared John 3:2 with us, where Nicodemus came to Christ and said "Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God".  He proceeded to say that we need to be teachers like Christ, that we need to desire to be great teachers to the people we will teach.  I think that is very important, I want to be a great teacher, and a want people to recognize my desire to teach!  I hope a can become a better teacher as time goes on.  It can be difficult to teach to people’s needs when you go in with the mind set of "We're teaching lesson 3 today."  More often than naught if I follow the Spirit I will not teach everything I planned, but that's fine.  When you teach to people’s needs the lessons are always more powerful and meaningful.

Well now I'm halfway through with the MTC!  Time is going by fast, I'm learning plenty every day, I just hope I'll be ready when this next month ends!

Good luck everyone!   Luke 1: 37 (Elder Valdez's favorite scripture) was very useful in our lesson!

-Elder Willden

June 15, 2012

Letter to family/friends:

This week went by very fast!  We have finished teaching one of our investigators and now we have two new ones.  The 2 new ones are going to be portrayed by other missionaries; I'll get to be an investigator as well.  It's interesting, but I think it’ll be a great growing experience.

The other day we decided to only speak Spanish until we're done with the MTC, this is my 3rd day in a row only speaking Spanish.  It's not too bad I can do it and I can notice a great difference in my ability to speak faster and learn how to use better grammar.  I know we will be blessed if we keep working on keeping this goal!

Also this week my companions and I have been improving a lot.  We changed how we studied and now we spend more time together going over Preach My Gospel with our investigators in mind.  I think we are going to grow a lot in these last few weeks!  Of course we have a long way to go but I'm very excited.

Less than 4 weeks until I'm in Nicaragua!  Apparently there is a Native for Nicaragua living 2 doors down from us so I am going to learn more about Nicaragua and let you all know more about it.

Until Next Week!

-Elder Willden

Sunday, June 3, 2012

1 June 2012

1 June 2012

Letter to family and friends:

This last week has been good.  Today and last night I have only been speaking in Spanish.  I can usually say what I want to say in Spanish but I'm working on being grammatically correct. I know a good part of the grammar but it's hard to think of it and say it quickly.  We have 2 progressing "investigators now"-- one’s name is Zenaida and the other Josue.  Our teachers act as investigators they had in their missions and they try extremely hard not the break character.  This is good because we get somewhat of a real teaching experience in the MTC.  One is committed to baptism and is progressing forward while the other is afraid to change his life.

Oh and I'm in a trio now.  So my companions are Elder Valdez and Elder Turner, because one Elder in our room went to the Spain MTC.  Elder Turner actually graduated high school with me and I knew him a little bit before the MTC.  The three of us are getting along well with each other.  A trio is a great blessing.  The only drawback is that it can be difficult teach a lesson with three at time just because we aren't used to having another person speaking.  It's also a blessing in a lesson because we hardly have any moments where we have nothing to say.

A lot of the intermediates left this week and we already have new ones so our zone has changed a lot this week.  And in about 10 days our zone leaders will be leaving.  They are great guys it'll be a bummer to see them go but it's great that they get to go and serve.

Yesterday I studied 2 Nephi 4 and Alma 5, they are both great I suggest everyone to study those when they get a chance.

I love you all!
-Elder Willden

(Part of a letter to his Dad)

The scriptures have truly come alive for me here in the MTC.  When I am studying for how I can help my investigator know something it seems my studies are much more meaningful.  In the midst of studying for another I also find answers to my own personal questions.  I have witnessed the power of revelation often here in the MTC.  The scriptures have so many answers to so many questions. 

Another thing that has changed in my life here is how much a feel and recognize the spirit.  President Tyler gave a lesson on the manifestations of the Spirit, there are so many different ways the Spirit is manifest here in my life in the MTC.

This is the place a need to be, I know that for a surety.