Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7 January 2013

Letter to all:

This week we have been working very hard.  One day we put 5 baptismal dates.  Our district has been working very hard lately, while the rest of the zone is struggling a little.  But we are starting to find very positive families to teach and I hope they decide to do their part and pray about what we`ve taught them.  

Saturday we had the baptism of MarĂ­a Eugenia, it went very well.  The lord had been preparing her for baptism.  She had 3 dreams about her baptism.  I´ll send the pictures next week of the baptism.

We found a less active in the street with a bottle of alcohol the other day, he came over to us and started to cry saying he wanted to stop drinking and it was making a pigsty of his life.  We told him to poor the alcohol out right then to show his faith.  He poured out about half and couldn`t any more.  We took him back to his house and said we`ll come back to help him when he is sober.  

I hope all is going well with the New Year.  Don`t give up on your goals!

Elder Willden

Happy New Year 2013!

Letter to All:

This week was a great week!  Skyping the family was such an amazing Christmas present!  Our mission had a Christmas activity the 26th. We had a water balloon fight, dodgeball, Velcro suits, and we celebrated the president`s birthday which was a couple days later.  

Today we went to a nearby river and I heard monkeys (kongos is what they call them here) howling but I didn`t see any they were deeper back in the jungle.  

Nandaime is a pretty big area, it`s split in half between 2 sets of missionaries and there are other small neighborhoods that are 30minutes or so away by bus.  There are a lot of returned missionaries in this ward and some great members.  But this ward has a lot of work to be done.  The members don`t help much but that just means we need to gain the confidence of them.

This week was one of ups and downs but it ended very well.  We passed by Mariogenia`s house Sunday morning and she said she wasn`t going to be able to come but later she decided to come to church and she stayed the whole 3 hours, it was great to see her deciding to take the correct path.  A month or so ago she had a dream being baptized in white clothing and she asked the Elders how we baptized and they told her that we do it with white clothing.  She`s progressing well and excited to be baptized this Saturday we have another that`s ready for baptism named Caterim.  

This week should be excellent; I pray we end it with baptisms!

Elder Willden

Happy New Year!  Make goals for the next year and really push yourselves all year to complete them, not just the first 2 weeks of January haha!