Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15th 2013

Letter to all:

Sorry about last week, I couldn't think about anything to write.  (April 8th - Conference was excellent, I truly enjoyed it, sadly not one investigator showed up and few members even showed up.  The biggest problem is still the assistance in church. )

We have an investigator that almost got baptized the end of March but she had to go work.  We couldn't visit her for almost two weeks and now she has changed.  She said she feels off.  I told her that's because she hasn't been feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost in her life.  She has had 2 answers that this church is true.  I told her that her commitment is not with us but with God.  I spoke very frank with her and told her she needed to trust in God more and not fear others opinions.  That she has received an answer from God, and now she has to act upon it and if not the other side isn't so pretty.

Today we had a zone activity.  We went to San Jorge a beach, but everyone was a little bummed because you can't go in the water as a missionary, but it was fun.  Tomorrow they announce the changes.

Elder Willden

Where we eat lunch every day.

  I have 80 ties, my collection has been growing lately because here they sell ties for 10 c√≥rdobas (40 cents) each.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 25th and April 1st

25 March 2013

Letter to all:

We have a baptism planned for this Saturday but she feels that she´s not ready, I think it because her mom is putting things into her mind.  Satan always tempts more and more as the baptism comes closer.  We´ll talk with her today and help her to feel she is truly ready and that the Lord will help her complete this ordinance. 

Yesterday we had a neat experience.  We went to an appointment but they weren´t there.  The sister was sitting outside with an old Gospel Principles book, reading it.  She invited us to sit down and we told her that actually that book was from our church.  We talked with her and the husband and taught them a little about the restoration and put an appointment for another day.

It is even hotter right now.  These weeks right now are the hottest of the year and everyone is going to be leaving on vacations to other cities this week.  We´ll have to get creative and find out how to find people to teach.  

We have a new positive family we are teaching.  He has a lot of questions, sometimes too many haha.  They are William and Marisela.  The family very positive right now and the last lesson we taught them about the Book of Mormon and gave them a copy.

Have a great week.  I´m getting excited for General Conference!

Elder Willden

1 April 2013

Letter to all:

This week it finally started to calm down.

The other day I had another neat experience.  I am starting to recognize the Spirit more and more as I serve as a missionary.

At a certain hour all of our appointments fell through and I stood there thinking dang now what where can we go.  Then a less active couple came to mind.  We went over and no one answered for about 2 minutes.  Finally she came out and said she was sick.  We offered to give a blessing, we came in and she was sitting down crying and coughing.

I gave her a blessing and at the end she was just softly crying and more content.  I am so glad the spirit prompted me to go over there and visit them, because if not we wouldn't have been able to give her a blessing in this moment.  The Spirit guides us a lot more than we think.  

I invite everyone this week to search for how the Spirit guides you in your life, and how by small inspired decisions great things can come to pass.

Elder Willden