Sunday, June 3, 2012

1 June 2012

1 June 2012

Letter to family and friends:

This last week has been good.  Today and last night I have only been speaking in Spanish.  I can usually say what I want to say in Spanish but I'm working on being grammatically correct. I know a good part of the grammar but it's hard to think of it and say it quickly.  We have 2 progressing "investigators now"-- one’s name is Zenaida and the other Josue.  Our teachers act as investigators they had in their missions and they try extremely hard not the break character.  This is good because we get somewhat of a real teaching experience in the MTC.  One is committed to baptism and is progressing forward while the other is afraid to change his life.

Oh and I'm in a trio now.  So my companions are Elder Valdez and Elder Turner, because one Elder in our room went to the Spain MTC.  Elder Turner actually graduated high school with me and I knew him a little bit before the MTC.  The three of us are getting along well with each other.  A trio is a great blessing.  The only drawback is that it can be difficult teach a lesson with three at time just because we aren't used to having another person speaking.  It's also a blessing in a lesson because we hardly have any moments where we have nothing to say.

A lot of the intermediates left this week and we already have new ones so our zone has changed a lot this week.  And in about 10 days our zone leaders will be leaving.  They are great guys it'll be a bummer to see them go but it's great that they get to go and serve.

Yesterday I studied 2 Nephi 4 and Alma 5, they are both great I suggest everyone to study those when they get a chance.

I love you all!
-Elder Willden

(Part of a letter to his Dad)

The scriptures have truly come alive for me here in the MTC.  When I am studying for how I can help my investigator know something it seems my studies are much more meaningful.  In the midst of studying for another I also find answers to my own personal questions.  I have witnessed the power of revelation often here in the MTC.  The scriptures have so many answers to so many questions. 

Another thing that has changed in my life here is how much a feel and recognize the spirit.  President Tyler gave a lesson on the manifestations of the Spirit, there are so many different ways the Spirit is manifest here in my life in the MTC.

This is the place a need to be, I know that for a surety.