Monday, August 20, 2012

August 13th and 20th

13 August 2012

Letter to all:

This week went well; I had my first baptism, and my first family.  A family of two the man had been investigating the church for 30 or 40 years and she had been for a year and a half.  A different elder came to baptize them.  

Saturday was crazy, at 7 in the morning the bishop called us and said he didn´t have all the papers to marry this couple, so we had to go over and talk to them and then we had to go find new witnesses because the witnesses that we had couldn´t come.  Then we had to decorate for the wedding and coordinate with people to get food and everything.  Normally it isn´t that big of an event but this baptism was special because he has been assisting the ward for a long time.  We spent almost the whole day running around organizing the baptism and wedding.  But it was worth the pain!  The baptismal service went very well, the elder that came to baptize perormed a musical number as well, the members really liked this elder when he was there a year ago.  The spirit was strong and everyone was happy.  2 baptisms (one family)!  The goal for the mission is to baptize a family every month, at least. The ideal would be a family every week. That  is what the president would like to see one day.

I believe that we are going to see more baptisms than in the past; my companion only had 3 here before I came.  We have 4 new investigators that are part of a family of one the members, 2 very positive and have gone to church twice and will be baptized the 25 and 2 others in the family that are curious.  We´ve received a lot of references these last 3 days and we finally had a ward council.  I believe in time this area will explode, It´s starting to...  We had 111 in the church and when we hit 125 they are going to build a new church, bigger and better.  They church we have now is very small.

They like to put a lot of salt in their drinks...  Someone stole the rails to a nearby bridge, and I´m getting tired of rice and beans haha...

That´s all for this week

-Elder Willden

                                                                        Notice Elder Willden is the tallest!!!

                                                       This Dog LOOKS EVIL!!

20 August 2012

Letter to all:

This week went alright...could have been better.  We have 3 different families that we are focused on and for most of our appointments with them fell through and none of them came to church this week.  But it´s okay we´re going to work hard so we can baptize these 3 families next month!  We have 2 baptisms scheduled for the 25, they are ready and excited to be baptized!  I believe next month well be an excellent month if we finish off this month meeting will all of the investigators and motivating them to be baptized.  

Sunday I gave a talk about the tree in the vision of Lehi and Nephi, and how it´s the love of God and that we all need to share this love of God as Lehi wanted to in the Vision.  If we want blessings in this life we need to help others. If we want to be more like Christ we must help others come unto him.  This life was never meant to be focused on yourself but to focus on others.  As we look and pray and fast for opportunities for missionary work we will find it.
D and C 18:15-18 
The talk went well, the words came easily.

The language is coming along well, still It´s a challenge to understand some because of the way they speak Spanish, fast and unclear.  I can converse with my companion almost just as I would in English.

My first exchange is now past, I believe these next 6 weeks will be great!


Elder Willden

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