Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 September 2012 - Baptism

Letter to all:

This week we had the baptisms of Gensi and Cristian.  I baptized Cristian first, the first time I’ve baptized!  Elder Buc baptized Gensi, she was very scared to go into the water.

Their grandma is in charge of them and she said they have changed a lot since we started teaching them, more obedient and kind.  I´m so glad to be able to be of help to them.

Saturday night we passed by a house - a family of investigators to invite them to come to church...they were drinking.  It´s disheartening to see someone you care for and want the best for doing the wrong thing.  We just have to move forward and help them.

This week we´ve been looking for new families to teach.

Elder Willden

Jonathan looks like a giant!

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