Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7 January 2013

Letter to all:

This week we have been working very hard.  One day we put 5 baptismal dates.  Our district has been working very hard lately, while the rest of the zone is struggling a little.  But we are starting to find very positive families to teach and I hope they decide to do their part and pray about what we`ve taught them.  

Saturday we had the baptism of María Eugenia, it went very well.  The lord had been preparing her for baptism.  She had 3 dreams about her baptism.  I´ll send the pictures next week of the baptism.

We found a less active in the street with a bottle of alcohol the other day, he came over to us and started to cry saying he wanted to stop drinking and it was making a pigsty of his life.  We told him to poor the alcohol out right then to show his faith.  He poured out about half and couldn`t any more.  We took him back to his house and said we`ll come back to help him when he is sober.  

I hope all is going well with the New Year.  Don`t give up on your goals!

Elder Willden

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