Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15th 2013

Letter to all:

Sorry about last week, I couldn't think about anything to write.  (April 8th - Conference was excellent, I truly enjoyed it, sadly not one investigator showed up and few members even showed up.  The biggest problem is still the assistance in church. )

We have an investigator that almost got baptized the end of March but she had to go work.  We couldn't visit her for almost two weeks and now she has changed.  She said she feels off.  I told her that's because she hasn't been feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost in her life.  She has had 2 answers that this church is true.  I told her that her commitment is not with us but with God.  I spoke very frank with her and told her she needed to trust in God more and not fear others opinions.  That she has received an answer from God, and now she has to act upon it and if not the other side isn't so pretty.

Today we had a zone activity.  We went to San Jorge a beach, but everyone was a little bummed because you can't go in the water as a missionary, but it was fun.  Tomorrow they announce the changes.

Elder Willden

Where we eat lunch every day.

  I have 80 ties, my collection has been growing lately because here they sell ties for 10 córdobas (40 cents) each.  

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