Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tall Trees - Strong and Immovable

12 November 2012

Letter to All:

Hello everyone!  This week was a great week.  Elder Wheeler has been progressing a lot, his Spanish is getting better, he teaches a lot more and contacts a lot more, yesterday we contacted 35 people and he did probably 30 of them.  I´m always trying to push him.

We should have 3 baptisms this month:  Maria, Henry, and Paola.  Maria’s partner is less active but he really likes the church and wants to get baptized.  Paola wants to be baptized and Henry is still searching for his answer.  He still hasn´t prayed but when he does I know he´ll get an answer.

Yesterday we were looking for a reference and we asked someone if they knew the person...they didn´t but turns out she had listened to missionaries before and went to the church 2 times but never was baptized.  We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to pray that night. (I’m not sure if Jonathan is talking about the person they were looking for or the woman they taught.) He is a catholic but never goes to church.  (Most people here are evangelicals).

Changes are this Wednesday, I hope I don´t leave because we have a lot of baptisms lined up for the end of this month and December.  We are starting to see a lot more success and if we keep it up great things will happen.

2 Nephi 32 is a very insightful yet a short chapter that has helped me this week.  Always pray!


Is he praying for rain or bird droppings?

Elder Wheeler looks taller than Elder Willden!
Elder Willden

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