Sunday, December 2, 2012

Missionary Shoes - Take a Beating

19 November 2012
Letter to All:

I cleaned my shoes very well so I could show you all before and after pictures of what happens to my shoes daily.

This week went well, we have 2 baptisms lined up for this Saturday, Paola and Henry, so it should be a pretty good week!

This past week went by very fast. Now we are on week 8 of training with Elder Wheeler.  The time goes by way too fast sometimes.  We have been working very hard and It´s getting hard to set appointments because we fill the days up with appointments fast.  Sadly many appointments fall though, but that´s something you just have to get used to with the people here.

Sadly the lady we contacted that had been taught before will no longer take lessons from us.  The husband hates us apparently.  It makes me sad to see how so many evil men impede people to being baptized in the true church of God.  I told her she is always welcome in the church, and we keep seeing her around in the streets.  I pray one day the husband will soften his heart.

These next 2 or 3 weeks should be great ones, especially because we have some solid baptisms lined up. 

Good luck to all, you are all in my prayers.

Elder Willden

Elder Willden's Christmas List - #1 New Shoes!!

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