Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 6th and April 29th 2013

6 May 2013
Letter to all:

This week we have been working a lot with the members.  We are doing an activity in the ward, "best ward missionary" - they get points for working with us, bringing investigators.  We give them a number of points and we'll be adding it up all month long and the top three get a prize.  It's working alright.  A few more are motivated now to work with us. Then the 25th of May we are going to do an activity.

We have a family night with William and Marisela in a member’s house.  It went well but the members invited an aunt that just wanted to go against us.  She started talking about how it wasn't necessary to prohibit coffee.  Then William told her, "What you have is an addiction".  It's was funny, not to lie.  But it felt good to know that my investigators are already growing testimonies and defending church values.  Sadly they didn't come to church this week.

But 2 investigators did come to church this week, Santos and Fatima.  So we'll see if we can get those 2 progressing more.

Today we had a fun P-day.  Usually we hardly do anything but today we had some fun.  We saw a sloth and some monkeys.

Today is May 6th...almost one year wow!  Time flies!


Elder Willden

29 April 2013
Letter to all:

This week we did a service project, we made a kitchen...well a kitchen Nica Style.  We went into the woods and we cut down some trees and nailed them to the side of her house and we put some tin on top and plastic on the sides and bam!  A kitchen.  Construction is easy!  We found a stick bug when we were looking for some trees to cut down.  The other picture is of the construction project.  In front is Elder Inoke, from Utah.

We have a new investigator named Hector, well not new, I taught him when I was with Jonny 1 time but then he told us the next day he was leaving for Costa Rica we were bummed, but now he's back!  He is very positive, and has tons of questions.  He truly is looking for the truth, because he has noticed how there are so many churches but they all teach differently.  But sometimes I fear he wants to know too much too fast, so we just focused the other day on the need to ask God if it's true.  The other day we put a baptismal date with him for May 25th, but sometimes he works Sundays, but we'll see if he can reach the goal, he is willing to learn and to change.

With William and Marisela, they came the last Sunday and they liked it a lot, but we found out the other day that he has a bigger problem with drinking than we thought.  Today we are going to have a family home evening with them in a member’s house.

Elder Willden

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