Tuesday, June 18, 2013

17 June 2013

Letter to All:

We made pancakes the other day for breakfast; it was nice to have some good old pancakes for a change.  

This is the Catholic Church in Juigalpa, there a lot of Catholics,, especially in my area almost everyone is a ¨Catholic¨.  

So this week we found a couple new families, now we have 3 families with baptismal dates, hopefully we can find a few more.  Things are starting to move along now, more lessons, we know more members.  Sadly no one came to church again.  So this week our district is going to focus all week on getting people to church, preparing people today so they can come Sunday. We have to find a way around the wall of the challenge it is to get people to church, but I feel that this week we´ll get some in church.  We´ll be teaching the importance of receiving revelation in church and how they will feel different in the week if they go to church.
My companion was a little bummed this week because his ex-girlfriend got married the other day to a return missionary.  I told him don´t worry you´ll probably do that to some other missionary after your mission! haha.  But he´s more focused now.  I´m glad I didn´t leave a girlfriend waiting for me!

Well the 25th we have our last meeting with president and the 29th we´ll have the new one. It is sad to say goodbye to President Monestel but I´m excited at the same time so see what the new president has planned.

Have an excellent week!

Elder Willden

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