Saturday, June 8, 2013

4 June 2013

4 June 2013

Letter to all:

Well this week a lot happened.

I got changed to a different area called Santo Tomás 2. 
My companion´s name is Elder Ajtun, he has almost 6 months in the mission.   Wow I feel old (missionary-wise) now having more than a year completed - the whole mission is young now.  We are reopening the area in SantoTomas 2. That means they took out the last 2 Elders in this area.  There´s a branch here of about 30 active members, so there´s a lot of work to do.  Oh and I´m the District Leader, there is four in the district.  Elder Wattz and Elder Montes are the others.

The area book only had like 6 or 7 investigators and only a few of them are positive, on top of that we are lost here.  The family that makes us lunch has helped us a lot though; they have been showing us around and gave us about 10 references.  So there´s a lot of work to do here, we´ve been contacting a lot and looking for new investigators.  It´ll be a couple of rough weeks at first but I have a good feeling about this area, we are going to accomplish a lot!

Yesterday we had the activity of the whole mission, it was fun to see all of the mission friends there and there were some funny presentations that they did.  The activity ended at 4:30 we got back to Juigalpa, at 9 pm. This morning we traveled another hour to get to Santo Tomas.

I talked to my old companion and he showed me the pictures of the baptism of William and Marissela!  They got baptized woooh!  Too bad I couldn´t be there to see the baptism.  But I did see the member who baptized them yesterday in a restaurant.

Love, Elder Willden

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