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9 July 2013 New Mission President and New Investigators

9 July 2013

Letter to All:

This week was great; we have been working very hard, as well the others in the district.  Ronald came to church again, he is the most amazing investigator we´ve ever had.  I´m going to tell you how we found him.  One of the few investigators they left in the area book we visited 1 or 2 times.  She was really weird and we were thinking of dropping her but we decided not to.  One day we went by her place and Ronald was there, we talked with him and he participated in the lesson.  We set an appointment to teach him in his house, and we had left him a pamphlet of the restoration.

He read it and he said he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet and had read up to 1 Nephi 5.  And it has been up hill from then on.  He makes comments in church, and is super positive to be baptized the 27th.  If we had never listened to that prompting of the Holy Ghost to visit that investigator that was a little weird, we would never have had the opportunity to teach him.  He is jobless right now, he will be going to a city about 3 hours away called Rama to work there for 15 days and he will return, he said maybe he´ll come back a little early.  Hopefully he does, pray for him please!

This week we have found a lot of new families to teach, we dropped a lot of investigators last Sunday, but the Lord has prepared even more for us to teach.  Jisenia and Rojer are still thinking about when they want to get baptized, they want to do it but something is stopping them.  They´ve even received answers from the Lord.  Any suggestions to help them?  I´m going to read in Alma 34 with them that they should not prolong the day of their repentance.

We met the new mission president, President Russell he´s 59, and has had a very successful life.  He is a great man and has a great spirit about him; he has a fun personality too.  He told us how he proposed to his wife, what a story!  His friend took her in a plane and left her off in the desert at a table with a rose and a note.  The note said, if you want to marry me raise the rose, if not...find your way out of the desert.  What a way to propose!  They talked to each missionary for just a minute or 2.  He looked at me and said you got a good mode about you.  

What more, oh we had an activity, Noche de Cine (Movie night) and 5 investigators came. We watched The Testaments, at the end of the movie I saw 2 of our investigators crying, it´s a touching movie.

Things are going great, I still have high hopes that we´ll have 3 baptisms on the 27th it´ll be great, and pray for Ronald, Jesenia, and Rojer please!

Have a great week!

Elder Jonathan Willden

On the left Elder Montes, on the right Elder Ajtún

Nasty soda they drink in Nicaragua.

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