Friday, July 26, 2013

July 15 and July 22, 2013

15 July 2013

Letter to All:

Well...I finally weighed myself since I left the MTC.  I weighed 235 in the MTC and now.............205 wow!

This week my companion had to do a Visa run to Costa Rica.  So we left Friday afternoon to get to Managua.  We got there at 6:30pm and then at 3 the next day we got up and ready to catch a bus going to Peñas Blancas.  We spent all that day traveling and got home at almost 7pm Saturday.  A long trip.  Sadly we lost 2 days of work!

Well lately we have been finding a lot of new families.  The investigators that we have aren´t progressing much so we are looking for more again!  We still haven´t heard form Ronald yet, hopefully he gets here on Sunday.

In church we planned with the Elders Quorum and branch president to go out Saturday nights and invite people to church (Mormon Battalion).  Apparently they had never done this before.  So it should help a lot.  We are also going to do more activities.  With these 2 things I know the attendance and member assistance is going to raise.  So things should be going well in the branch from here on!  Sadly we didn´t have any investigators in church yesterday.  But this week will be an excellent one, I can feel it!

Friday we have interviews with President Russell

The other day I read Psalms 1, I liked it a lot, it speaks of the importance in trusting in God and not the wicked.

Take care!

Elder Willden

 The buses are way too small and packed...well at least for me

22 July 2013

Letter to all:

This week was awesome!  Even though I´ve been sick the last 3 days it was great!  Basically the weekend was the best part.

Friday:  We had interviews with President Russell, it was basically just a chat with him, it was like talking with a friend.  He said he and Sister Russell admire me for reopening a tough area like this.  Sister Russell took a look at the pictures of the family then asked me what are the best things about your parents, I said my mom is the most loving person, and my Dad is the best example I can have being a true man of the priesthood.  They are truly great people.  President Russell I believe hinted to my companion that he was going to train so we´ll see what happens in the future.

Saturday:  We found a new family María and Francisco, we put a baptismal date with them, they accepted well.  We also did the Mormon Battalion

Sunday: Was great but sadly there was a lot of rain and only 25 people came to church.  People were telling me go home and rest and asked, “Why are you working?” And I said, “we got to work.”  And I am so glad I didn´t go home to rest this day because we were truly blessed Sunday.  Sunday we truly found people searching for the gospel, people needing this message that God had prepared beforehand.  First of all we found Ronald and we are going to baptize him August 3rd!  We taught a new family, a reference.  Carlos and Maricruz, they are awesome, we taught them the Restoration and put a baptismal date for August 24th. They said that was a good thing to have a goal and they want us to pass by more frequently.  They want to get prepared as fast as possible because we don´t know the day the Lord comes.  And the family that gave the reference have been talking with them helping them understand the gospel.

We also taught another family Lucía and Bismar we almost forgot to pass by their place, but the spirit reminded my companion that we had an appointment with them and they accepted a baptismal date for August 31st.  

Hard work pays off we are seeing the fruits of our labors and August will be an amazing month, but if I would have stayed in the house resting I would have never found them.  Every minute is precious even if the day seems to be going crappy.

I know the Lord is preparing many to hear this sacred gospel and that Heavenly Father preordained me to come to Nicaragua, to come to Santo Tomás.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Willden

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