Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11 November 2013

11 November 2013

Letter to All:

Well first of all Ronald and Erasmo have the Aaronic priesthood now so that´s great!  Because there are few here who have the priesthood and come to church.  They are doing great.  I´m starting to say goodbye to everyone, because changes are probable, if I stay I´ll just have to tell them that Lord let me stay for another month.  You´ll all have to wait until next Monday to find out about the changes then!  Sorry!

Damaris is progressing toward baptism, she´s getting to know the members and she feels good in church.  It´s just hard to teach her because she doesn´t talk a lot, but she´s warming up to us.  I am happy to know I´m leaving the area a lot better off than how I found it!

Well Wilmer and Flor and having relationship problems, fights and lies and drinking.  We talked to them last night, I shared with them 1 peter 3: 7-9.  Then we continued talking and the spirit really guided us in what we needed to tell them.  We were very bold but loving.  We told them that Satan is attacking them, but that God wants their love to prosper.  They still have desires to continue forward.

We need to find some more investigators though for the future, some that were very positive to get baptized this month are taking longer but I still have faith they´ll get baptized.

Genaro and Mitchel are doing well, they have liked everything we´ve taught them, their problem is that they just don´t want to come to church for some reason, but they´ll get there.

Hopefully I get sent to an area that has people progressing because it´s sad to leave all of the people here but I´ll go where the Lord commands me.  It´ll probably be my last area too!  

Oh yeah we found Felix again riding on his puny bike haha.  Maykalin left him for good now and he is very sad about that but he accepts it, he´s been working a ton lately 4 or 5 am to like 8 or 9 pm.  So it´s really hard to find him.  Hopefully today I can find him and help him to come back and let the Savior help him.

Well no pictures this week sorry!

Elder Willden

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