Tuesday, November 26, 2013

18 November 2013

18 November 2013

Letter to all:

Well I have great news!  I´m here for another change, but this change is only four 4 weeks.  I´m very content that the Lord has allowed me to stay for another month.  Well Damaris said she wanted a little more time to prepare herself for baptism.  So we are thinking of doing it on December 7th but we hope she can be firm on her decision.  

Other great news!  Wilmer and Flor came to church!  They said they loved it as well.  Flor said to her friend who´s a member, ¨Of all of the churches I´ve ever been to none of them have ever told me I have a purpose in this life.¨  We are so blessed to have this restored gospel in our lives.  I think sometimes we don´t realized the greatness of this blessing.  We have the truth everyone is looking for in this life!  The doctrine is so pure and special and no one else has even half of the gospel God has given us!  I am so grateful that Wilmer and Flor could see that.  They said they are going to be coming every Sunday, we want them to get baptized December 7th too!  3 baptisms and 2 families.  Pray for these 3!  I know they can make it, they are such special people it has been a grand pleasure teaching them.

The week in general was good, we found some new investigators that accepted our message with kindness and a desire to know more how it can bless them.  What I like to do in the very first appointment is to tell them of how it can change their life and how it has changed my life.  And why I am here in their home, and what blessings the Lord wants to give them.  Then we leave them a pamphlet.  I believe teaching in this manner will help people to realize the importance of this message and give them desires to read and learn more. 

Some very positive investigators are hard to find and it´s a little sad so see how they accept it with joy at first but for one reason or another they make it hard to find them again, for work or other things. But we´ll keep looking for them.  I´ve learned to not give up so fast on people.

So December 10th will be the next changes, so I should be changed then, but you never know!  Hardly anyone in the mission was changed in the past changes.  Some say that president is going to open a lot of new areas and also that there will only be 1 zone leader per zone and they will train.  I believe these plans will bring more success to the Lords work, but they are just rumors, I don´t know for sure.  I wrote the president and told him I´d love to open a new area, but if the Lord has something else in mind, I´ll go where he wants me.  So well find out haha.

The branch was going well but all of the sudden only 24 people came yesterday, it´s sad.  So as missionaries we are going to do an activity.  It´s what we did in Nandaime in May, best branch missionary!  We are going to focus on helping the members complete their duties as missionaries, all the month of December.  Then we are going to end with an awesome Christmas Activity.  I hope it will help everyone to get excited to work in the Lord's work!

We have a family that is ready to serve the Lord and ready to help us, this family was the family that brought Wilmer and Flor to church!  They are a great help for us, hopefully all of you back at home can have these same desires as this family to work in the Lord's work.  

Take care!  I love you all!  

Elder Willden 

These are called tajadas, we learned how to make them.

Tajadas are sweet-savory strips of ripe plantain that have been fried until golden and caramelized. The word tajada means "slice", and to make tajadas the plantain is cut lengthwise into long strips. Tajadas are often served alongside a full plate of food, like a garnish.   http://southamericanfood.about.com/od/saladssidedishes/r/Fried-Ripe-Plantain-Strips.htm

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