Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hello Family and Friends!
This last week has been very busy!  We have given 4 or 5 lessons to our investigator and on the 4th I think we committed him to baptism.  Now we found out he will also be our teacher and our teacher now will also be an investigator, so they'll switch off doing different roles throughout the duration of our teaching experience.
We are learning a lot of Spanish!  It's overwhelming but it makes me very excited!  I am getting very excited to get out in the field and Speak Spanish in Nicaragua, yet I need to be here in the MTC and learn more.  There is much to learn.
 Elder L. Tom Perry came to the Tuesday devotional and spoke about the Anniversary of the Priesthood.  May 15, 183 years ago the priesthood was restored.  It was great to have him teach us about the priesthood and what a great blessing it has been in our lives.  The spirit you feel is so great when an apostle of the Lord teaches you directly! 
My branch president is President Tyler.  He used to work with Grandpa Willden.  He is a great man, every time he comes to do a visit the district we are in awe because of the knowledge he has to share!  He knows a lot about the gospel.  The zone and district are great!  All the guys are great and we are all beginning to be great friends already.
I must go now.  Good luck everyone!  Until next week!

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