Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Elder Willden Works, Lifts and Eats More!

15 October 2012

Letter to all:

Elder Wheeler is starting to already understand the people when they ask him questions, I remember when I came here my companion had to translate Nica to Guatamalteco haha!  But I´m surprised in how he already understands them.  The problem is that he has a hard time speaking and always speaks in the infinitive form, so I´m going to start teaching him all of the tenses.  I try to only speak Spanish with him but it is very difficult because in 2 seconds I could tell him in English and he´d understand.  I just need to be patient and help him understand the language.

This week was a little tough because I have to do all the talking and teaching.  My Spanish is good enough that I can teach whatever I want but the problem is I’m not the perfect teacher.  I feel sometimes people find me boring but other times they are very interested.

We have a baptism planned for this Saturday with a kid named Leo he´s 9 years old, he doesn´t feel ready to be baptized so we spoke with him and helped him to realize that he doesn´t have to be perfect to be baptized and that the Lord wants him to take this step in his life.

The week has been super hot but one day out of nowhere it rained a ton and the whole street was just a miny river!

That´s all for now!


Elder Willden

A great meal for hungry Elders!

Jonathan's New Weight Set!!

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