Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tarzan the Jungle Missionary

Elder Willden showing us the jungles of Nicaragua -
 just a shortcut between appointments!

22 October 2012

Letter to all:

Well this week was a little tough but we had a great experience that I want to share.  As we have planned every night the past few weeks I have kept feeling that we needed to visit a certain family, even though they hardly were ever present.  One day we were about to leave their house and a lady from across the street called us over.  We went and she was wondering who we were and if we could help her.  We began to teach her, (Maura).  In our third visit with her, her brother was present.

We started teaching and he was being obnoxious, asking odd questions and interrupting us asking if I had 10 córdabas to give him.  A few minutes later after we prayed and began teaching he said that he would like us to come over to his house and teach his family.

We went to his house right after the appointment with Maura and began to teach him.

He started talking and said that when he heard us speaking with Maura it was a sign for him, a sign that told him he needed to change his life.  He said that we were 2 angels sent by Jesus Christ to support him.

He began to tell me that when he asked me for 10 córdobas that is was for beer, but as we taught he lost the desire completely to drink and said he never wants to drink again.  

He began to tell us of his past and how is father was a drunk and hit them and the mother, the father and mother then later abandoned him for the United States,and his sister, and brother.  They were given an abusive nanny who hit them and he would jump in front of his sister to take the blows.  He told me he was a very unhappy child and one time jumped in front of a motor, and hurt his leg very bad.

He said he didn´t want this life for his children, and that he wants to be a great father, and that the lord sent us here to help him do that.

He opened his heart out to us before we even said a word.  The message of the restoration is perfect for him.  He is one of the people here god has prepared to partake of this wonderful gospel.  But if we never would have planned to visit that one family that´s never there we never would have found him, if we would have rejected the spirit we would have never found him.  The lord truly does have his hand in this work and has people ready to listen.  It is key to listen to the spirit and go and do as it directs.  I hope as a missionary I can better my relationship with the holy ghost and always listen to his counsel.

I pray the lord will bless my friend Franklin to feel the truth of our message and help him and his family come into the waters of baptism.

Regarding the pictures we went to a place in our area called Guajachillo to contact, there are a lot of trees over there. We decided to take a short-cut back to our next appointment and it was a pretty neat place.  This is what I thought Nicaragua would look like!  The one with me with my arms up some of the members said it looks like the first vision haha!

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Willden

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  1. That first picture looks like the forest in New England!