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14 January 2013

14 January 2013
Letter to all:

This week went by very fast!  We had some really great lessons on Sunday, 3 in particular.  The first we contacted a family and it turns out the missionaries passed by before.  The dad is a truck driver in all Central America and Mexico. He said he´s talked with missionaries in almost all of the countries he´s visited....the lord really wants him to get baptized!  They had doubts about how we ¨worship Joseph Smith¨ and about coffee, but we taught them and at the end their doubts were taken away and they remained very positive after the lesion. 
Another lesson as well was when we went contacting on Sunday, we met a woman named Mari Bell (normally its spelt Maribel but they write names weird here and have American names).  She had always wondered why there were so many churches; we taught her the Restoration and put a baptismal date for February 9th in a contact.  The lord really did guide us to find her, we were able to help her out with this big question she has always had. 
Our third lesson was  with Gabriela a 13 year old, we brought a member with us who shared with her 2 different stories from his life that really helped him/her understand the importance of dedicating some time for the lord and the strength prayer gives us and how the lord sends other people to answer our prayers.  

I know that prayer is truly important for us, as we pray we speak with God, the all-knowing.  He has all of the knowledge that exists and if we want to know something or we need help in something he has the answer.  We just need to learn to ask with a true heart and learn how to listen to the manner he speaks and answers us.

Enos :15

The pictures are from a statue we went to visit.


Elder Willden

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