Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 February 2013

Letter to all:  

This week was tough: I’ll be honest.  We have 4 people so close to baptism but they didn't show up to church.  We had a baptism set for this week but it fell through.  We are working even harder, contacting even more but the big problem always is that they don't want to show up for church.  We just have to keep pressing forward. 

 I was feeling disappointed when we came to church and waited for the investigators to come but they never showed up.  But the lady we baptized the 5th of January Maria Eugenia bore her testimony.  It was simple, short, but very powerful, I almost cried.  She is amazing, she activated her son, is working on activating her mom, and she always comes to church and gives us references.  Even though she is a new member she really understands the gospel more than many members because she shares the gospel.  

That experience was tender; I truly felt God’s love when I heard her testimony and it animated me to keep working, looking to baptize people like her, prepared by the lord.

That little 3 wheel car is a taxi, I frequently went in these in my last area, they have normal taxis too but it just funny to me that this is a taxi.  The river (called aguas aigrias) is super clear and you can see bubbles that come from the earth into the river.  Kind of interesting but I thought the water was going to be cooler.

Have a great week, love you all!

Elder Willden

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