Tuesday, May 28, 2013

13 May 2013

Letter to all:

Well this Sunday William and Marisela came to church, that´s the 2nd time now.  One more time and they can get baptized, and they need to get married, too.  So hopefully all goes well with them.  I´m truly excited for them, I hope they can get baptized the 25th.  Last week they were going through big problems and were about to separate.  We taught each of them separately this week and I’ve been praying a lot for them so that the family could stay together.  They showed up to church and seem very happy.  In the last class the topic was on families and how each person has their role in the family.  I think that will help William a lot.

Talking with the family on Mother´s Day was great!  I can only call one more time on the mission!  I can´t believe I have already been out on my mission more than a year now.  May 9th I hit the one year back.  Before I know it I´ll be back in the house at the end of April missing the mission field.  I got to enjoy it while I can!  

I hope all is well with everyone, have a great week!

Elder Willden

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