Tuesday, August 6, 2013

29 July 2013

This week was good, not the best neither the worst.

Letter to All:

Well we talked with Ronald, sadly he couldn´t come to church but he’s excited to be baptized on the 10th.  We found a new investigator, Serbulo. The missionaries have visited him before and we passed by once but he wasn´t very receptive.  The other day we passed by and the Lord had softened his heart and he was receptive.  He put his own baptismal  date for August 31st. 
We also spoke with both Rojer and Jisenia and I read Alma 34 with them and I was honest with them and I told them they were prolonging the day to their repentance.  They put their own baptismal date for August 24th, so this month we should have at least 3 baptisms.  That is what we´ve been trying to do lately, having the people choose their own baptismal date if they desire, so it´s more personalized, hopefully It´ll work.

It´s still raining a lot here, lots of mud as you can see in the picture.

Oh I almost forgot.  Yesterday the branch president didn´t show up, I called the Zone Leaders and they called the mission president and he said that I was to conduct the sacrament meeting.  So that was new, I
got to conduct sacrament meeting -- Branch President Willden for an hour haha.  The branch president showed up 35 minutes late to church. Luckily we had 3 investigators come to church!

It´ll be a great month!

Take care!

Elder Willden

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