Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elder Willden did something new this Week . . .

5 August 2013

Letter to All:

Well this week was a little lame to be honest.  My companion is sick, 2 days we didn´t work.  Another Elder in my district is very sick; we might go to the hospital this week.  So the sicknesses affected things this week.  But we have some new people to work with now.

There´s a family we only taught 1 time, Makalin and Felix.  But I´ll tell you how the Lord has shown us how we really need to teach this family.  One day all of our appointments fell through and I told my companion we are going to go visit a small neighborhood far off and see what´s over there.  We are going to find a chosen family of the Lord over there.  There were only about 10 houses but we went further and we found a young pregnant woman outside of her house and we talked with her and put an appointment to return.  But it´s was hard to find them in the house always.  The other elders contacted them about 2 weeks later and told us, “Hey there´s this family that lives over here that said you guys passed by and they said they are really interested in listening to you”.  But we didn´t find them in the house again and again.  Yesterday the other elders were teaching a family and there they were! It just happens to be that his parents live over there.  So they put an appointment for us to visit this Sunday.  I feel the Lord really wants us to teach this family.  We´ll see how it goes.

Well the 3 people we had fixed for a baptism, aren´t so positive right now, Satan is really working on them.  Ronald can´t come because of work, all week he was gone.  I´m asking the Lord to help me to know what I need to do.  Hopefully we can get them back on the path.

That´s all (folks!)

Elder Willden

P.S. l

Oh! and I gave a baby blessing this week!  I was surprised that they asked me to do it!  President Russell came to the branch that day too with the Councilors of the mission and they all gave testimonies.  Sister Russell can´t speak Spanish well but the Spirit was so strong when she bore her testimony.

If you are curious here is a link about Elder Willden's new mission president:  http://www.lds.org/church/news/first-presidency-calls-new-mission-presidents-gallery?lang=eng#russell

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