Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Baptism Tomorrow!

29 August 2013

Letter to All:

Well everyone is healthy now!  Ready to rumble!  This week was good, but we need new investigators, we are trying to think of new ideas to get good investigators.  I know we´ll be blessed with more.  We do have 1 new family that´s pretty positive, he said he´ll come to church and read to Book of Mormon, they had a lot of good questions.  The other families have kind of disappeared; we never find them anymore so we are going to be doing all we can to find more.  It seems to always happen in the mission, you find a ton but very few make it through.  But it´s worth all the work.

Jissenia is getting baptized tomorrow!  She asked me to baptize her.  She´s inviting her family members to come to her baptism as well.  It´ll be great!  I´m so excited to see a baptism it´s been a while.  She´s going to be an awesome member I know it!  She´ll help the branch a lot.

It´s been kind of hot lately here, I got burned today.  Wednesday there are changes, so we´ll see what happens, who knows.

We had a great experience with a less active this week.  All of our appointments had fallen through, and we went to buy a snack and sit down and eat it.  Then the member’s little boy came up to us and said when are you going to come to my house, we said right now.  We had passed by a lot in the past but she was never there.  We finally were able to talk with here (Heidy).

She told me that her life has been really rough in the past few years being a single mom and fighting to get food on the table.  She was to work in the night time and come home and watch her kid all day and hardly even sleeps at all.  She began to cry telling us some of her trials.

I told her, God is watching her efforts, and that Jesus Christ will be by her side to help her and he knows exactly how she feels.  Then we ended with a prayer, she prayed.  She gave thanks to the Lord that we had come and she really needed someone in that moment, usually she isn´t an open person.  She felt better getting some of these things off her chest and talking about her trials with us. 

It was truly a neat experience led by the Spirit.

Take care!

Elder Willden


 The first picture is a place called Las Lajitas, we work over there a lot, it´s a very poor place. 

 The second picture is of the beautiful hills that are in Santo Tomás.

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