Monday, September 2, 2013

1 September 2013

Letter to All:

Sorry I don´t have too much time today.

This week was better than the past few weeks, were are getting back in to the groove with the new investigators we still need more but we have some.  

Jissenia got confirmed yesterday, she chose me to confirm her as well.  That was the first time  I have ever confirmed someone.  But I truly felt the spirit when I confirmed her and I said receive the Holy Ghost.  The priesthood is truly the power of God and the only way one can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost is through the priesthood.

Jissenia also gave her testimony that day!  She is going to be a strong part of the church, I know it!

We moved houses, they are selling the old house.  The new house is half the price and better!  But It´s kind of far away and...purple...oh well.

Today we went to Boaco with the other district and we did some fishing by a river, out of the 8 of us only one caught a fish, we were going to eat it but an Elder accidentally dropped it in the water.

We taught Maykalin and Felix, we had a lesson planned but we didn´t teach it, we saw they had other needs and the spirit guided us to say what they needed to hear. They cried during the lesson, they have true desires to change their lives.  We later taught them the Restoration and they accepted it very well.  

Take care all!  Elder Willden

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