Monday, September 2, 2013

Baptism and a little pondering.......

26 August 2013

Letter to All:

Tuesday Jissenia got baptized!!  Woooh!  Several of her family members came, members and non-members.  I baptized her.

Sunday they couldn´t come to church though, her Aunt died and they buried her on Sunday morning, of all days.  Kind of a bummer but she´ll get confirmed next Sunday.  This Sunday is fast Sunday!  Don´t forget!

We have an awesome new family.  Josué and María Elena.  We had our third lesson with them the other day and they are super positive.  He´s reading to Book of Mormon, he has a lot of great questions.  His friends told him, what are you doing this church is satanic and he just said to them that they can´t know if they have never been to church.  He truly desires to know if the church is true. He told me that  on Sunday they will be in church at nine!  I´m very excited for this new family.

I don´t have much more to say...sorry.  But pictures are more than a thousand words!

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