Wednesday, October 30, 2013

14 October 2013

Letter to All:

This week was a great one.  I´m starting to have a lot of great weeks lately!  I don´t want to leave this area!  

Well Erasmo is doing great, he´s on track for his baptism, we are just waiting on the wedding papers.  We had a ton of good lessons this week.  Also we have found a lot of new investigators.  Some of them are really positive.  There are 2 I´d like to talk about.  

1st are Flor and Wilmer:  A couple about 30 years old each.  They want to go back to visiting a church, they have pushed themselves away from God and they want to return to him.  Flor has cried in almost every lesson, she talks a lot and shared her personal experiences and the desires she has. We taught her this is exactly what she needs in her life and we are offering this to help her come back to God and be a better person.  They were a reference from a member family and Saturday they helped us a lot in the lesson that we had.

2nd are Mitchel and Genaro: We had the first lesson with them yesterday.  We contacted her Friday and we gave her a video of the Restoration.  They watched the video and they liked it a lot.  She said it talked about the doubt she has had all of her life, which church is true.  They were very positive and interested in hearing about the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  We told them the truth of all of this depends on the Book of Mormon, that´s the way you can find out which of all these many churches are true.  They have a baptismal date for Dec. 7th, but if they progress we´ll changed it to sooner.

Well Maykalin came back, we had passed by all week and no one was there until we came Sunday morning to take them to church.  But Felix gave us bad news.  Maykalin had given her new born baby girl away to some relative who lives in another city because her sister and mom told her to do it.  Felix was torn and they were getting ready to go look for the baby.  He said right now I can´t serve God with this on my shoulders.  But I have faith they´ll get the baby back and they will be even more grateful for their family and it will be a breaking point for them.

Ronald wasn´t there this week he´ll be back on Thursday, I hope.  Satan is working on many of our investigators but they´ll pull through.

I´m loving this work more and more.  

Elder Willden

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