Wednesday, October 30, 2013

21 October 2013

Letter to all:

Well another good week.  Sunday was a great day.  5 investigators came to church, Erasmo came with his wife Melania, and he also brought a friend!  How awesome, he´s not even baptized yet and he brought a friend!  Ronald said he wanted to get married and baptized the 26th!  So we are going to get him and Erasmo baptized if everything comes out well.  2 weddings and 2 baptisms, and we´ll get their wives baptized later on, hopefully I´ll still be here.

Josué came to church as well, he liked it a lot, we have been teaching him for a while but for several weeks we couldn´t find him.  But we found him, we had a good lesson and he said he was going to come to church, so yesterday we showed up to his house and brought him.  He said, next week I´ll bring my family and we´ll stay for the 3 hours next week.  So I´m excited for him and his family!  We met them one night about 3 months or so ago.  It was raining and we were looking for a less active member nearby, we came to their house asking if they knew anyone by that name but they didn´t.  They invited us into the house and gave us coffee haha.  We said no thanks we don´t drink that so they gave us another drink.  We had a lesson and he has been positive since.  But sadly he´s only home once a week.  

Flor and Wilmer are doing well, we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation but we didn´t get to finish so we left them wondering what happens after we die, they liked the lesson a lot.

Mitchel and Genaro are doing well, only she has to start taking classed on Sundays now...bummer.  But it will be only for 3 weeks.  She asked us a ton a questions.  She said she doesn´t like all of these evangelical churches that tell you how to do everything in your life and you have to give money to a pastor who just uses the tithing to buy a truck.  We taught them about the basic structure of the church and then we talked a little bit about forgiveness. We ended talking a lot about the atonement of Jesus Christ.  At the end they said they still haven´t received an answer yet but they understand that it will be in God’s time.  But she did like that Christ had come to the Americas and had always wondered ¨why didn´t he come to the Americas too.¨  So we are helping her recognize that reading the Book of Mormon is key to getting an answer.  

Well I´m very excited for the baptisms and for the future one´s that will get baptized, we are working harder than ever and looking how to become better missionaries.  

Take care everyone, I love you all!

Elder Willden

Today we went and climbed up a big hill and took pictures of everything, it was pretty sweet!  We could see the whole city and more.  Sadly the computer doesn´t read the camera -- so until next week.

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