Wednesday, October 9, 2013

7 October 2013

Letter to All:

Another good week!  We´ll there were changes....Elder Ajtun got transferred, my new companion is.....Elder Apsley....from Draper, Utah.  Round two with a white companion.  He lived by the In and Out in Draper, not very far from our home!  And now all the way over here in Santo Tomás, Nicaragua.  He has 14 months in the mission; on the 9th I´ll have 17!

General Conference was unforgettable, truly a great one.  So many talks that I want so many people to hear.  They talked a lot about hope, faith, loving God, trusting in God.  I really like Elder Bednar´s talk about tithing, because he applied it to our lives in a unique way that I hadn’t fully seen it that way before. President Monson´s talk on Sunday was an excellent one as well.  We brought 5 investigators with the help of members, as a district we brought 11!  

Well things are going well with Elder Apsely, working hard.  His Spanish is pretty good.  I guess I can brush up on my English skills.  I told him he´ll probably be the new DL here when I get changed haha, we´ll see if it happens.

Friday we had maybe the most powerful lesson of my whole mission.  It was with Felix.  We showed up to his house and immediately I knew things weren´t right.  I saw a bed missing, no kids and no wife.  He was alone, saddened, and confused.  He told us that Maykalin had showed up one night at 3am drunk and later took the two kids and left.  Felix didn´t know what to do, then we showed up.  When he told us I frankly had no idea what I could tell him to lift up his spirits, because he was really down.  I started to tell him, that we all aren´t perfect and all of us make mistakes.

Then a scripture popped into my head (spirit) Alma 34:40-41, we read it and I felt the spirit very strongly.  But he didn´t understand it completely, so we backtracked a scripture and read 39 as well.  Then he understood the message.  Don´t let Satan take advantage of you in this moment and drag you to unhappiness in your poor and saddened estate.  Have hope, continue forward, have faith, this is a challenge; it´s a moment to grow, don´t give up.  This Spirit was rich as he began to apply the scripture to himself; he said it was a powerful scripture.  I know he felt the spirit in that moment and he felt that the Book of Mormon was true.

Then we began to testify of the atonement of Jesus Christ, which I had studied that morning in PMG chapter 1, and I saw that it talked a lot about the atonement and how it is central in this message of great hope.  I told him Christ understands you perfectly, he knows what you are feeling.  Pray to him for the strength, to clear up your mind and carry on.  Pray to him fervently, harder than ever.  Then I shared Marissela´s experience (from Nandaime) how she had asked to lord for comfort and received it.  

He gave the closing prayer, and the spirit and the love of God was so strong that we all began to have tears streaming down our cheeks.  We gave him a hug and left, allowing him to remain in the richness of the Spirit to meditate and pray.  Later on Sunday he came to conference, and I believe many of the talks really spoke to him, hopefully he is a home today so we can talk about it.

This experience was a great testimony builder for me, that I have a message so important that it has power to turn lives around.  It´s not my message, I didn´t say anything, only the Spirit spoke.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God, I know this without any doubt, and it counsels us and comforts us.  The Spirit is real.  Christ died for us and gives succor to us.  God is our LOVING heavenly father.  It is a joy sharing his love with others.  Share this message of peace and comfort with all!

I love you all; God loves you a lot more, always remember to return him, this love by doing something good to another before Christmas as one of our apostles told us in this general conference.

Love, Elder Willden

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