Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March 2014

Letter to All:

Wow, another week.  Well it´s last change in the mission.  I don´t like the thought that´s it´s the last change, but It´ll be the best one I´m sure of it!  Wilmer and Gustavo are doing great, they are going to be baptized.  Marta, Cristian, Karla, and Pedro came to church as well!  So we should have some baptisms lined up for April as well.  My goal this week is to find a great family to baptize April 26th.  I want to see a big family get baptized!  So, I´ll be working on that!  I´m super happy that Wilmer and Gustavo are getting baptized and even better on my birthday!  YES!

Saturday and Sunday we had an Area Conference. Saturday it was just with the stake.  Some people who were going to speak didn´t show up and so the stake president had me give my testimony.  When I stood up everyone started giggling because I´m so big compared to everyone.  I got up to the pulpit and the mic didn´t reach up high enough to my mouth haha!  Everyone laughed so I decided to make a joke out of it.  So I said, ¨the mission has made me a very ´big´ person, everyone had a good laugh!  But I got to see a lot of people from Nandaime there!  So I gave my testimony and I testified about the joy it is to preach the gospel.

Our zone brought 50 people to church this weekend, that was great!  It was a huge success, everyone was happy!  I´m glad that together we are all having success, we want every companionship to baptize.  

Love you all!

Elder Willden

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