Friday, March 28, 2014

Missed a past email - so here it is!

10 March 2014

Letter to All:

Wow...another week passed by!  It flew by so fast that I don´t even know what to write.  Let’s see what comes to mind....

Well first off, I gave a talk in Church on Sunday, probably the last one as a full time missionary.  I talked about The Atonement and Missionary Work, based off a quote from Heber J. Grant I believe, I´m not sure though...

I studied the examples of the book of Mormon prophets such as, Lehi, Alma, Alma the younger, Zeezrom, Enos, and others.  I learned that many were sinners before they were prophets (or missionaries), but they received the remission of their sins.  And that immediately after being forgiven they began to pray for their brethren and for the Lamanites, and then they went out to preach the gospel unto them.  So I asked a question, ¨If we have repented of our sins and we don´t help another person to repent as well, have we really repented?¨  I truly believe that a part of repentance and our personal conversion is Missionary Work.  Alma would have never have become the great man he was if he had never preached the gospel, baptizing thousands of people.  I enjoyed giving the talk.  

Later, on Sunday we met with the Bishoprics of the stake (something we do every month), we talked to them about how the missionary work is going in the zone.  Then later we made some great plans for the missionary work in the stake.  We committed all of the Bishoprics to baptize a friend on May 10th and to get the future missionaries to do the same.  It was good, they also gave us the fifth Sunday in March to talk about Missionary Work.

Wilmer and Gustavo came to church.  They are doing great!  We are going to baptize them on the 22nd!!  Woooh!  My birthday!  2 future missionaries baptized on my birthday!  That´ll be the perfect gift!

Wilmer is amazing!  He will be a grand missionary!

Take care!

Elder Willden

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