Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 March 2014 - Life is Good!

3 March 2014

Letter to all:

Well this week was another great one!  5 people came to church wooooh!  Karla, Wilmer, Gustavo, Jorge, and Pedro.  I`ll tell you about each one.

- Karla: Her husband is a less-active but he`s a great guy.  The Elders were visiting them before, but they didn´t want to get married.  But on the 14th of February they got married, so we decided to start teaching them again.  Monday we had a great Family home evening with them with the Bishop and his wife.  They came to church!  So hopefully Karla continues to progress.

- Wilmer: Wilmer is awesome!  He has had 3 experiences testifying to him that he needs to get baptized!  He`s been to church 2 times, maybe we`ll baptize him on my birthday!  1st experience he had a dream that we brought him something with a white cloth on it and we said this is a gift from God (Book of Mormon). 2nd another dream, of him being baptized by Elder Mann in the font. 3rd he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and yesterday in Sunday school he said he prayed and received an answer that this is another gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Gustavo: He`s a 15 year old boy that I contacted, turns out his dad is a member.  He wants to get baptized.  We taught him about the restoration and we left him with the pamphlet and told him he needed to pray about it.  He told us in the next appointment that he did it and he felt something beautiful when he asked God!

- Jorge: It`s a 9 year old whose parents are less actives, he`s been to church several times now, he has a lot of friends in church too.

- Pedro: ....haha...Pedro... He`s a drunk we invited to church and it turns out he came, yesterday was his second time...  So I guess we should actually teach him!

Things are going great, we are going to have an activity on the 8th of March to teach all of the members how they can be missionaries.  On the 9th I`ll be giving a talk.  It`ll probably be my last one as a missionary...that was what the bishop told me haha.

I`m very happy and content with the work!  I`m loving it!

Elder Willden

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