Tuesday, April 15, 2014

14 April and 7 April 2014

Letter to All:

SURPRIZE!!!!!  Baptisms!!!  Wooooh!  I didn´t expect it either!  Pedro and Karla got baptized!

But first I´ll talk about the interview that we had on Friday then about Pedro and Karla.  So Friday I had my interview with President, it was short.  He basically told me, don’t think about your home, don´t make plans there is plenty of time for that after the mission, just work hard in your last weeks.  Go to the temple when you get back and the Lord will take you by the hand.  That´s the exact revelation I received in conference in one of the talks.  I feel happy to be here still, I´m working hard still!  Today at 5 I´ll have my last interview with the president, so I´ll let you know what he tells me.

So we´ll start with Pedro first!

We were worried that he wasn´t going to pass the interview but we decided to have the district leader do it and he passed it, but we hadn’t planned the baptism yet.  But the sisters in the ward had one already planned, so we came over Saturday morning and we told him, Hey, it’s your baptism today!  He was fine with that.  It was last minute but it was a miracle!

Karla was a bigger miracle.  Oh hey I forgot to tell you that she´s pregnant with her second son, he´ll be born in September!  Anyway...  We went to visit her Saturday to follow up on some things we had taught and to plan her baptism for the 19th of April.  We asked her, what time do you want to get baptized?  She said ummm, we´ll see, I´m not too sure.  She was iffy about her baptism.  So we told her, well come to see the baptism today at 7 and we´ll talk about the time for your baptism.  She said, can we talk Sunday?  Okay then.

We started leaving and we walked half a block away and her husband Keyler, yelled, “Hey Elders come back!”  So we went back and Karla asked us, ¨Can I get baptized today? ¨

OF COURSE SISTER!!!!  So we called the district leader to hurry over and interview her, because the baptism was only in 2 hours, we found a dress and we did everything last minute and she got baptized too!

It was a miracle.  It reminds me of something Laura told me last week, ¨Just work super hard in your last weeks, don´t worry about anything, I remember than in my last weeks I worked hard and I saw a lot of miracles in my last weeks of the mission.¨ Well I can say the same!!

What a great experience!

Well take care!

Elder Willden

7 April 2014

Letter to All:

Hello everyone!  Well, first of all Karla is doing great I believe she is going to be baptized, she came to 2 conference sessions!  So that makes me very happy for her and her decisions she is taking to grow her faith and to come unto Christ.

Conference was great as always!  So many great talks but little time to talk about them.  Right now the talk I am remembering is the talk Elder Bednar gave, that parable about the firewood was great, he always has a parable like that and I always know what he´s going to say haha.  But I love his talk, I received special revelation in that talk.  We need to have a yoke in order to be happy!  Christ´s yoke!  Always remember that!

This week I´ve been putting down more baptismal dates, in our area and in other areas. Two days a week I´m not in the area.  It´s kind of weird putting dates for days I won’t even be here but I still feel good doing it and inviting them to commit to God!

Take care everyone!

Elder Willden

(Sorry no pictures today...)

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