Sunday, April 6, 2014

31 March 2014

31 March 2014

Letter to all:

Hello everybody.

Well this week went WAY to fast.  I`m having a lot of crazy emotions now, my companions say I`m acting like a woman haha.

But whenever my mind starts thinking about other things, I focus on the people I need to baptize before I leave and everything I need to do to help them and the Lord helps me to focus again.

Karla and Pedro are progressing very well.  My goal is to baptize 3 people this month, so just one more needs to progress to make the goal.  Karla is reading the Book of Mormon a lot more and she stayed for the 2nd hour which she had never done before.

Pedro`s house is cleaner, his appearance has changed, he hasn`t smoked for several days.  

I`m very happy to see that they are progressing and that they are coming closer to Jesus Christ.

We took more funny pictures, and we also have been recording songs together on P-days, it`s fun.

Elder Willden

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