Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elder Willden's Second to Last Letter!!

21 April 2014

Letter to All:

Well this one won’t be so long, but that last one will be pretty long I guess.  This week was great. We worked very hard, and as a result of our hard work we found many new positive people who are in need of this gospel.  The area is filled with new people now for Elder Mann to teach and we will continue looking for new people.  We found 2 great new families that I hope will get baptized later on!

The Lord always rewards hard work in the mission field.  President Russell always says that in this mission whoever works will baptized, it is simple as that.

Sunday I will give another talk, I plan to talk about the importance of serving a mission as a full time missionary and in your own town.  

We had a small zone activity, it was simple, we rented out a pizza place for free and we had a good time together and we ate nachos and pizza.  The owner was born in Maryland!  But he came over here to have a more family centered life, not a work centered one.

I’m grateful to still be here, I pray the Lord will pour his Spirit upon this people in my absence.  Well, until next week.

Elder Willden

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