Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elder Willden is now in Nicaragua!!

16 July 2012

Letter to all:

Wow - my first week already flew by!  Time goes by very fast when you are teaching the gospel.  Well my trainer is Elder Buc from Guatemala I´ll be his last companion because he has 3 months left and training takes 3 months.  In training, we study and extra hour almost every day than you normally would.  Also we take turns doing different things as missionaries like contacts or baptismal dates - things like this. 

We only have 2 baptismal dates, the rest of the investigators weren´t progressing and so we found a bunch of new investigators to teach this week.  The two baptisms will be the 11th of August.  A man and a woman that are together but not married yet, the man has been investigating the church since the 80´s!  I am very excited to see them get married and baptized and take this new step in their lives!

The work here it tough and long but it is great.  A lot of walking.  Almost all the roads are dirt and mud, when it rains it is all mud but it hasn´t rained a lot yet.  I´ve never seen a place more poor than here, most houses are a little bit of concrete and whatever metal or wood they can find to make a roof and fence.  It´s very humbling to see the poverty they live in and yet they are still happy.

Oh and my area is in a city called Sandino and the area is Bella Bandino it´s close to Nicaragua.  The language is tough because the speak fast and aren´t clear and they like to cut out the s at the end of words but after a week here I can understand a lot better what they are saying.  It´s still very tough but I´ll learn, they say I know a lot for a new missionary.

Until next week!

-Elder Willden 

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