Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gallo Pinto and Fried Plantains

23 July 2012

Dear Family and Friends:

\Well I´m sure there are a lot of questions about how it is over here I´ll write what a can remember haha, It´s a different world here!

Every once in a while there´ll be army trucks driving around but instead of soldiers there is a marching band playing in the back I was a little confused!

The money here is 23 cortobas to 1 dollar and 1 dollar can go a long way.  For example you can ride the bus for about 12 cents here and go over to Managua.  A taxi is about 80 cents to take to Managua.Tthere are two types of taxies; normal and motos which are 3 wheeled, 3 seater vehicles.

I eat gallo pinto twice a day (rice and beans) and sometimes bread or cheese or even fried cheese.  Fried plantain which I like a lot and a bunch of different drinks - some don´t taste so great...

Diarrhea hit me this week!  It wasn´t that bad but I´m sure it will come again.

We have sisters in the ward that make us dinner and lunch and do laundry.  The mission gives us money to pay them.  Hermana Raquel makes us dinner her family is very, very funny. It´s fun to go over there and eat watching all their crazy kids run around.

This rest of the month our zone has the goal to baptize a family for each companionship.  We´ve been working hard to reach the goal but a lot of our investigators are new now but I need to trust the Lord and work my hardest and his will, will come to pass.  This week we contacted Raul who has family who are members.  He has received the missionaries for a lot of time, but none had ever given him a Book of Mormon.  I believe we are the missionaries for him!  It is so great to already see how the Lord sent me here for a reason.

We contacted Rodrigo yesterday and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he accepted a baptismal date right after I asked him without a wink of hesitation!  I was surprised how fast he answered!  Also we contacted Haliey her parent’s don´t want her to go to church but I think she already believes this church is true.  We met her for the first time yesterday she has had missionaries for a while too, yet she hadn’t had a Book of Mormon as well so I gave her one.  There are a lot more investigators but I don´t have time to talk about all of them!  It´s been a good week and we have a lot a work ahead of us!

Until next week!

-Elder Willden  

P.S There are Giant Pigs here about 3 times the size they are normally!  They are huge!

Note From Elder Willden's Mom: Check out this link about Water and Beverages in Nicaragua -


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