Monday, July 30, 2012

Pictures from Elder Willden - Look if you can!!

30 July 2012

Letter to All:

Well the week didn´t start of too great...We went home after P-day to shower and there wasn´t any water (it happens from time to time, the same with electricity) luckily we had some water bottles stored in the house so I showered with about 6 liters of water.  Ha-ha that would never happen back home!

There are a lot of members in Nicaragua but more or less 20% are active, not good at all!  They always have some excuse not to go to church, if there weren´t so many less actives they´d have a temple no problem.

A lot of Nicaraguans lie, they´ll commit to do something and they hardly ever will.  4 of our new investigators hide when we show up so it looks like we´ll drop them.  Luckily we have new ones to teach.

Raul and also Vilma both have been taught a lot but don´t read or pray but we´ve been working really hard to animate them to do it, I believe they´ll do it this week!

We have a new investigator Milton and also his wife they have a child who is a member and look really positive but they aren´t at home much.

Yesterday the sister we eat dinner with gave us the reference of her cousin and neighbor, we went over and had a family night with them and watched “Together Forever”.  They´re a family of 3. They liked it a lot and they look very positive.  They have received great blessings lately.  Also the mother (Christian) donated tithing to our church a few days before we met them, she felt very blessed and wanted to give money to our church because she knows in the other churches the money goes to the pastors.  I believe they´ll be great investigators and be baptized.

We are planning an activity in August to boost the ward’s desire to do missionary work hopefully, all will go well. Also, I may do an English class.

A funny story that happened yesterday:  We were meeting with members and a drunk came up to me (happens a lot) and wanted to talk to me, he said Elmer, Elmer....Eler.  Then shook my hand 3 different times and said I love you in English and walk away.  I found that to be very funny!  There are a lot of drunks here.

Well that´s all for this week, Love you all!

-Elder Willden

                                                                     Elder Willden's Residence

                His Wonderful Restroom!! - he said he bought a new toilet seat.
                                                Thank goodness!

                                       Common and Regular guests...

                            The Locals - "taking a nap" - really just passed out.

                             An Average home in Nicaragua - we have much to be thankful for. . . .

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