Wednesday, January 22, 2014

13 January 2014

13 January 2014

Letter to all:

Today I´m running short on time but I just have 2 things to share.

1.  Cristian, Juan Carlos, and Jackalin came to church.  They are progressing well toward baptism!  They all want to get baptized.  It´s great!

2. We had a great experience this week.  It started with a contact my companion did when he was in divisions.  The family didn´t really want to talk to him but they did the contact and schduled a day to come back.

So we go visit them and we only talked to her and it turns out she’s a less active member.

The next visit he was there.  I´ll tell you what he told us in the lesson.

“On January first I was praying to God, telling him how I wanted this year to be the year that I change my life completely.  I asked God to send me someone to guide me.  And boom, that same day you guys talked to me in the street.

Later I prayed to God and said, God if these are the ones you sent me, put them in my path again.  (My companion was on divisions in another city and this man just happened to be the one driving the bus back to San Marcos.)

He said, now I want to see what you have planned for me.”

I invited to him to be baptized right after he said that, for February 8th, he accepted without doubt, even with his wife there saying, “but to get baptized?!”  He just said, “Yes, I want to experience this.”  

I know God has prepared him.  This is another golden investigator that the Lord has given us.

Wow! is the only thing we could say after this lesson.

I know God´s hand is in this work

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Willden

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