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29 December 2013 Found!

29 December 2013

Letter to All:

This week was great!  Christmas, Skyping the family, going to the Christmas Mission Activity.  It was a great week!  President talked about 10 gifts we must develop as missionaries, based on a talk by Gordon B. Hinckley given to missionaries in 1995.  It was great.  Sister Russell talked about diligence and developing talents and sharing them.  So I am going to be focusing on these things in the last months of my mission, so I can be the best I can be to help people to accept the gospel.

This week I was reminded of something Bryan had told me.  ¨When you drop an investigator, the Lord will bless you with another one that´s even better.¨  The new family that we found the other week are going to move to another city in the Zone, we were bummed about that.  I told my companion, don´t worry the Lord will give us a better family.  And that´s exactly what happened.  A family came to the ward Christmas activity the 28th.  Juan Carlos and Jackalin They liked the activity a lot, they came even though their baby girl was sick.

Then Sunday they came to church!  They asked for a blessing for their daughter as well.  I´m very excited to see how this great family will progress.  We hope for them to get baptized January 25th.  Pray for them!  As a zone we are sending a list to our families of people to pray for at home and in the temple.  Put their names in the temple prayer roll please!

Luis Mercado, Ernesto Membreño, Paula Membreño, Javier, José, María Eugenia Hernandez, Ezequiel Hernandez, Oscar Lopez, Dasyi Lopez, Isamara, Angelica María, Marlon Lopez, Yensy Ali, Franklin, Eliodora, Eveling Jarquin, Isabel, Nohemi, Katy, Junior, Emely, Emely´s sister, Marcos, Angelica, María Calero, Yurdi Quintero, Hillary, Lester, Saida, Marci, DanFranco, Chelsy, Juan Carlos, and Jackalin.

I know that when more than one person is praying for something, God sees that, and he will help them.

I´m so grateful to have been able to have another Christmas in the mission, this one was a good one!  I hope that 2014 can be a great year for everyone.  It´s time to make those goals!

Remember the ABC´s that president Monson talked about in January 2012?

Attitude - A more positive attitude throughout the year, filled with hope and joy
Believe - In God, in yourself, and in others
Courage - Courage to stand for what is true and to always confront temptations with our faith in Christ.

Have a great new year!

Elder Willden

Elder Willden with President and Sister Russell

A medalion that they gave to all of the missionaries.

The family that makes us lunch and dinner.

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