Sunday, January 12, 2014

6 January 2014

6 January 2014

Letter to all:

What a great week.  It truly was yet another week of miracles and testimony builders.

First off, we went to go visit Jackelin and Juan Carlos early this week and we found out that their baby girl was 100% better!  Her skin was normal and her allergies had gone away.  They were even more receptive to our message after this.  They are progressing very well and they are willing to do all they can go get closer to Christ.  The only thing was they didn´t come to church this Sunday...  But I know they are still on track to get baptized.

Sorry I don`t have a lot of time, so it`s going to be shorter I think this week.

The other great experience had to do with Cristian.  She´s an investigator we found in a less active family member’s home.  It´s family to complete.  She´s 17 and about 4 months pregnant.  We came to visit her Saturday and she was sick.  Her blood pressure was high and she was not doing so well at all, you could see it on her face.  We explained to her a little bit about the priesthood and we explained to her that we have this authority to give blessings and we asked her if she wanted one.  She accepted.  My companion did the first part and I gave the blessing.  Shortly after we left.

Sunday she was in church!  And she liked it a lot.  We talked to her later on Sunday and she told us the experience she had that Saturday night.

She said as we were giving her the blessing she didn´t feel our hands over her head.  Instead she said she felt a warm hand move across her head.  She said she immediately felt better.  Later that night she said she was happy, healthy and doing everything she´d normally do if she were of good health.  It was a true miracle.  I know that Christ healed her.  

What a blessing it is to have the priesthood power upon the earth!  2 great experiences I had this week with the priesthood!

Juan Carlos, Jackalin, and Cristian could all see this week that the priesthood power is real.  As a result all of them have told us they want to get baptized.  I haven´t really thought of that before, that using the priesthood can also help people receive an answer pertaining to the truth of this gospel.  I testify that this power is real, and that God loves us so much that he has entrusted us with this power.  I was asking God for a miracle this week, a miracle for my investigator and he brought them forth!

I marvel sometimes so see how quickly this priesthood power can bless the lives of people.  I am week, I feel incapable as a disciple of Christ, but I know I have been called of him and I am on his errand.  

I encourage all of you priesthood holders to think about what you have and who you are.  And then to go and bless others with this great blessing God has given you.

Take care all, hopefully you haven´t forgotten your goals yet haha!

Elder Willden


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