Wednesday, January 22, 2014

20 January 2014

Letter to all: 

Well this week was alright, I had some up´s and down´s.

Cristian came to church, as well as Carlos and Jackalin.  We had to be very persistent to get Carlos and Jackalin to church this week .I guess Satan got to their heads and they didn´t feel like going.  But we got them there, we said, “No, no!  Stop washing, we’ll do it, get ready!”  So my companion started washing clothes while I started to hang up the clothes to dry. Jackalin couldn´t stop laughing at us.

Later on Sunday we taught them and we asked them how they were feeling about gettin baptized on the 26th? They were iffy at first, we began to help them and the members that were with them they bore their testimonies and it helped a lot.  Carlos is ready and sure that he wants to get baptized.  Jackalin was saying well...I don´t know... But I know they´ll be ready and they’ll get baptized Sunday morning.  They told us that they have felt a change in their life since they began to know this gospel. 

I reminded them about the experience that happened when Chelsy (their baby) was healed.  I told them that this experience was evidence that these things are true.  I asked them how they felt after we gave the blessing to the baby.  They said that beforehand they were very worried and angry one with another.  But after the blessing they felt calm and they had faith that she was going to be healed.  I told them to always remember this experience.  Then when doubt or worry comes they can remember this little miracle and know that they these things are true and they need to get baptized. 

They are a great family, I know that God is going to bless them a lot.

Today we went to the beach with the zone, Playa Hermosa.  It was a nice beach, we had a fun time.

Have a great week everyone!   Elder Willden

                          The roads of Nicaragua!

Chocolate Mik - A Treat!
There is a Chinese family that lives in San Marcos and they sell milkshakes and Chinese food, it wasn´t too bad!

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