Sunday, February 23, 2014

17 February 2014 ~ A Successful Week!

17 February 2014

Letter to All:

Oh man!  This week we worked super hard.  We are finding a lot of new people.  Nathaly is going to get baptized this Saturday!  On the 1st Marta will get baptized!  Things are going great.  

We all get along well, we are all happy and filled with energy to work.  And we come home super tired but content.  The Lord is blessing us for our work and obedience, many hearts are being softened and many people are desirous to learn.  But they still won’t come to church, just Nathaly came.  So we need to focus on getting people to church this week.  My companion talked with Cristian yesterday when he was on divisions.  She still wants to get baptized but the whole wedding thing is a stumbling block.  But I know she´ll get baptized soon.  We have a lot of people with baptismal dates for March.  Hopefully we´ll baptize on my birthday (the 22)!

I´m truly happy, it´s joyous this work of the Lord!  I love it, I´m still learning and growing and working on being better every day.  I want to teach Elder Agustín everything I know, so he can be an excellent worker and missionary.  I know he will.

On Thursday we had a great lesson, it was with Keyler and Karla.  Keyler is a less active and Karla is an investigator.  We sang a hymn and we prayed and I felt the spirit, as we prayed I felt I had to talk about the Holy Ghost, even though we had something else planned.  The lesson was powerful!  But for some reason they still didn´t come to church, but they did get married this weekend so that´s another step towards baptism.

A lot of great things happened this week, but there isn´t enough time to share everything that´s going on.  But things are going great!


Elder Willden

Elder won Monopoly - can you tell?

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