Monday, February 10, 2014

A Good Week for Elder Willden

3 February 2014

Letter to All:

Well sorry time is short...

This week was great.  2 days this week we had to go to Managua but the rest of the days went well and we had success.  We have 2 new investigators that´ll get baptized this month.  Marta, she fell in love with a member and they got married in 2 or 3 weeks!  It was insane almost!  But she has a strong desire to learn and to get baptized. She has a baptism goal for February 22.  Also a less active family decided they want to be active now.  They have a daughter named Nathaly who´s 9 and she wants to get baptized, so she´ll be a little present for us ha-ha!

Elder Carlos H Amado came to visit the mission.  We were able to listen to him for about 4 hours, he asked questions and we asked him questions and it was completely led by the spirit.  It was great, I was truly fed.  He talked about a lot of things, the language of the mission as well as the language of the spirit.  He talked about the importance of having a constant prayer in your heart 24 hours a day.  He also talked about eternal marriage because it was the oldest group of missionaries he taught.  I learned a lot, but there is little time to share, sorry.

But it was a good week, God has blessed us!

Elder Willden

Elder Willden's Zone - look at all the sisters!  Elder Willden is in the back and the tallest, of course. 

Elder Bear

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