Thursday, December 27, 2012

17 December 2012

17 December 2012

Letter to all:

This week went well.  Henry finally came to church again so things look good for him; hopefully he can get baptized this Saturday then!  We brought a young man (Ivan) 17 years old to church, we had to walk 30 minutes to his house and 30 minutes back to the church so he could know where church was at.  

We had a 1 day division; I went with Elder Vargas from Costa Rica 18 years old.  I´m already seeing 18 year old missionaries!!  Strange!  His maturity surprised me, we taught multiple powerful lessons that day, and the spirit was strong!  We taught a lady whose companion was cheating on her. We began to teach her it would be okay and that the Lord will help heal her heart.  Elder Vargas shared a story about his parents’ divorce that touched her and she began to cry.  We gave her a blessing of comfort.

Later we passed by the house of some less actives and they told us that the mother was making strange shouts in the night and has been seeing shadows in the night, it seems like a bad spirit is in their house.  We came by yesterday to dedicate the house and bless the mother but they weren´t there.  Hopefully we can find them and help them with that problem this week.

Tomorrow I find out if I have changes, I believe I will be leaving this area but I´ll let you all know next week.

Have a great week; remember the best Christmas gift you can give to anyone is the restored gospel.  Joseph Smith said the most important duty we have is to preach the gospel!  I spoke about this in my talk on Sunday.  I got after everyone a little bit, the members haven´t been helping us much lately but, we´ll press forward!  Some scriptures from my talk: DC 18:14-16,DC 1:223,DC 71:1, DC 118, Moses 1:39.


Elder Willden

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