Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas from Elder Willden

Letter to all:

So I have been transfered to Zone Jonotepe.  One of the best zones weather wise but they sent me to the hottest place in the zone haha oh well.  I´m in a city called Nandaime about 45 minutes outside of Jinotepe and 2.5 hours outiside of Managua.  The city I´m in is a lot bigger than the Bello Amanecer but still they say It´s a very small city here but it´s big compared to where I was.  The houses are nicer, the people are a little richer, but there are still areas with plastic and wood houses.  My companion is Elder de Oliviera from San Pablo Brazil, one of the first 2 brazilians who have ever served in Nicaragua.  He was baptized 3 years ago and his family is catholic and never supported him going on the mission.  He´s been here a change less than me.  I have the same district leader still he got exchanged over here with me.  Elder Cratty is in my district, from Parump, Nevada he´s a good friend of Ben Rencher.  
It´s a litte tough at first being transfered to a new place but I´m getting the hang of things around here.  We have a possible baptism for the 29th.  The only problem with her is that her mom isn´t supporting her disicion.  This P-Day we did some sight seeing at a nearby volcano, Mombacho.  I met a guy from New York, he lives just outside of Palmyra, he told me he had been to the pagent a couple times.  It´s strange to see people whiter than me haha!
Have a great Christmas, remember always to give and to help in this time of year.  Think in Christ not in what you want for Christmas.  I love you all!
Elder Willden

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