Friday, December 14, 2012

A Wonderful Baptism

3 December 2012

Letter to All:

Well this week we had two baptisms!  Gloria and Paola were baptized Saturday.  It was great, they were both happy and excited for their baptisms.  Elder Wheeler did a great job baptizing.  

Now we have to keep looking for new people to bring to the gospel, we have a baptism planned for this Saturday so we´ll see how it goes down.  We have had to drop investigators recently but something Bryan told me really stuck, that the Lord will give us someone even more prepared for baptism.  A missionary´s time is very important and if I use my time how he desires and use it  well, he will bless me to find those chosen people.  Satan really works on the investigators and it saddens me to see Satan winning sometimes.  But I know that I will be blessed to find those truly searching for the gospel.

I read Ether 12:6 to a less active who has problems with coffee and it helped him a lot.

Elder Willden

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