Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nothing extraordinary this week...

26 November 2012
Letter to All:

This week I found out that changes are going to be a week early and there will be changes the 19th of December, I think I´m going to get sent somewhere else.  It´s a bit of a bummer because I won´t be able to spend Christmas with people I know, oh well!  Our baptism didn´t go through this week but she´ll be ready for Saturday.  Saturday we´ll baptize Paola and Gloria, it should be a great baptism!  December will be a great month for baptisms, everyone is getting lined up.

It´s been a long week though, appointments falling through all week, that´s what happens when you start teaching a bunch of new investigators, but a few are very positive.  We started teaching 2 different young men both are 17, they seem very positive.  We are starting to contact in places far away because we are running out of people to contact in the city.

Nothing extraordinary this week...


-Elder Willden

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